Uncover the fingerprints on your products

Who are the people behind your products? How are they doing? Share the transparent story with Fairfood’s Trace.

How does it work?

Discover your chain

Trace connects supply chain partners. You build up the chain digitally by inviting partners (1-up-1-down) until the first link – the farmer – is reached. The Trace platform is easily accessible, even for small farmers in low tech environments.

Trace your products

Every transaction for each product is registered, from the purchase at farm gate until the final sale to the consumer. These transactions together form your personal product chain. Blockchain offers the possibility to safely make this data transparent.

Verify brand promises

Is your product organic? Did the farmer receive a fair price? Trace allows you to prove your promises. The proof can be directly shared with the consumer. We offer a library with a series of claims related to social, economic and environmental issues. Of course we can develop a specific claim for your product.

Tell the whole story

Trace is the final link in your storytelling. Through a link or QR-code, consumers land on an interface on which they can walk through the whole product history. Check out the journey of Trabocca’s coffee, one of Trace’s first users.

Set ambitions and share added value

The ultimate goal: by providing you with new knowledge of your chain, Trace allows you to set realistic sustainability ambitions. Moreover, discover to whom in you chain transparent information adds value and distribute that value proportionally across the chain.

Dashboard and reporting

Learn more about the farmers and businesses in your chain, the current whereabouts of products and the extent to which brand promises have been met


Trace can be easily integrated with different software systems, ERPs and other blockchain solutions


From a blockchain wallet, transactions can be made with other Trace users, creating a decentralised log that forms the basis of the product story

Why should I use Trace?

  • Go beyond trust: offer direct proof for your brand promises
  • Future-proof supply chains: consumers and governments are demanding transparency
  • Resilient supply chains: better, central communication
  • Resilient farmers: give farmers access to knowledge, markets and financing
  • Ultimate storytelling: share your story on your personal interface

Explore pricing


a month
  • Map your supply chains
  • Supply chain dashboard
  • Limited traceability
  • Claim verification
  • Blockchain tracing
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Themed product pages
  • Interface with branding
  • Assisted setup
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On request
  • Map your supply chain
  • Trace all your products
  • Custom product pages
  • Custom claim
  • Custom blockchain
  • Custom dashboard reports
  • Farmer verified claims
  • Assisted setup
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Success stories

Trabocca: in pursuit of poverty-free coffee

Sander Reuderink
Commercial director
“We want to provide irrefutable proof that we are in fact paying our farmers what we say we are.”

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Verstegen: nutmeg on Blockchain

Michel Driessen
“What an honest and sincere outcome of the project. Very beautiful what we are doing. I hope it will get a nice follow-up.”

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Want to use Trace?

Do you already have a question?

Why blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows information to be captured and shared by a community. In this community, each member maintains their own copy of the information and all members must collectively validate each update. This provides a network with a single source of truth to work with. Very similar to a Google sheet, but better. Why? Because with blockchain, data can only be added according to a certain set of rules controlled by the network, and once added, the data can never be altered or deleted.

Who owns the data on the Trace platform?

The data uploaded on the Trace platform will always remain in the user’s hands and will never be used or resold by Fairfood or other parties without explicit permission.

How much time will implementing the tool cost?

Over the past two years, we have been mapping the entire process of tracing products, signing up chain partners and offering transparency through blockchain. Our goal was to make the Trace process as easy as possible so that we can now make it available to everyone at an affordable price, including companies that don’t yet know where their products come from. At the same time, this is a platform created to bring a systematic change within food chains. Change creates friction. So, the correct implementation of a sound solution will always take attention and energy. To this question, we don’t have one simple answer, but do get in touch so we can make an estimation for your company.

How does Trace relate to quality marks?

Certification labels have done a great job and raised a lot of awareness among consumers when it comes to social and environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, with current practices quality marks are reaching their limits. They will be the first to admit this. One problem with certification is that they only offer one standard, while every product and product chain is unique. To summarise this complex ecosystem of people, activities and processes in one binary certificate – fair, organic – is not enough. The next step lies in transparency and traceability – in connected chains and chain partners who can take their responsibility. Various certifiers, too, are looking into this. Trace is the next step. In the future, certification labels could potentially serve as a partner on the Trace platform.